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  •                                                         Welcome to the Bridgeport Adult Education Website!

    • Mission Statement

      The Bridgeport Adult Education Program is committed to meeting the needs of adult learners in our community by personalizing the teaching and learning process as they prepare to participate fully in a global society.

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      Message from the Director

       Dear Bridgeport Residents, Friends and Neighbors,

      Welcome! We are committed to assisting local and global students in achieving their personal, educational, and occupational goals. Various courses are offered to effectively develop the skills which will prepare our students to successfully participate in our American society.

      Knowledge and skills will help you open the door to the future you want and Bridgeport Adult Education is here to offer you the keys. The programs we offer will enable you to move ahead in your life, in the direction you choose. Don't let anyone stop you now.

      The Bridgeport Board of Education and I hope you will join us in continuing your education. Remember, it is never too late to take charge of your own learning. Come register now!

      James Denton, Acting Director- (安徽快3首页jdenton@bridgeportedu.net)